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To anyone looking into adding LLLT to their practice, there is only one laser to use and that is the Shedlight Laser. It is the most versatile unit on the market today with the most capabilities. It has the ability to aid in cellular repair, regeneration and overall speed up healing as well as to help get people out of pain. Since adding the laser to our practice, referrals from patients have not been a problem. Our results are faster, last longer, and are overall better. Being that the unit is portable, this has also allowed us to use it on ourselves and family more readily. The Shedlight Laser is an asset, not a cost to our office.

Dr. Alexander Nelson DC, CCWP, IMC, FIBFN-FN, FIBFN-CND                                                                       

Dr. Damian Griswold's expertise in the novel use of photobiomodulation and his generous transfer of that knowledge to practitioners make him a liberator of those held captive to narratives of hopelessness and unnecessary suffering.  Our practice sees some of the sickest people with complex diagnoses and treatment requirements. Dr. Griswold is a go-to resource when I want to consider how photobiomodulation may accelerate results or support a multi-layered treatment regimen.  He is a practitioner's secret weapon who needs to be shared with the world. His strategies for using photobiomodulation to support optimal function of the body can empower practitioners and patients alike.  His customer service is five-star quality, and his collaborative spirit keeps him engaged in improving your outcomes and raising your skill level.

I personally use Dr. Griswold's photobiomodulation guidance for my own health and turn to his consultations regarding patients enrolled in any of the programs I help lead in our clinics.  I highly recommend Dr. Damian Griswold to anyone considering the benefits of photobiomodulation for their personal health or their practice.


Shane Lashley, ABAAHP, MBA, M.Mgt.

Director, Lifestyle Medicine Programs

My family and I purchased a Shedlight laser about 2 years ago.  Since then we have bought another one.  It has been a key ingredient in healing my husband's brain injury.  We also use it on all of us and our animals for everyday issues.  The support that comes with the laser is out of this world!


Dr. Griswold never fails to answer any question and always makes it very easy to follow the instructions.  He makes sure you understand the powerful tool you have just bought as soon as you receive it.  It is very user friendly and already has presets downloaded, so all you have to do is find the setting you want and it gives you the right photons you need!  I highly recommend a Shedlight laser.

The Jackson family.

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