Frequently asked questions

How is ShedLight different from other laser retailers?

Shed Light is a group of healthcare professionals that are here for your questions anytime. We are available by phone, text, email, Instagram or Facebook. A private Facebook page is provided where other Shed Light clients including physicians share their experiences. Shed Light constantly pushes the limits of laser therapy innovation through research and preparation of new protocols to best suit the needs of the user.

What kind of waranty do you offer on your laser?

The LZ30-Z laser has the longest warranty on the market, hands down. The laser diodes and the internal bettery are also included in the warranty.

What is the Red Power of the laser?

With up to 1,000 mw of 637nm, bright red laser power, the LZ30-Z laser minimizes treatment time and maximizes results. Clinical experience has demonstrated that the most effective biostimulation wavelength is the 630nm - 640nm range. Only the LZ30-Z and PL5000 use red laser diodes in this range. Other devices use 660nm laser diodes which are less effective.

What is the IR (Infrared) power?

Although infrared produces less of an abscopal (systemic) affect, it is more effective in penetrating tissue. Therefore Infrared is often the preferred method for treating deeper tissue, pain and inflammation. The Infrared wavelength has more of an affinity towards tissue. The LZ30-Z laser features up to 1,400mW of infrared laser power.

What are the presets on the laser and can I add more?

Simply scroll to the preset for the desired protocol and start treatment. The LZ30-Z even saves your most frequently used presets. Additional settings are easily programmable and customizable.

How big is the laser?

The LZ30-Z is compact and portable making it convenient for travel.