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The ShedLight Difference


ShedLight was born out of necessity. We have partnered with Avant Wellness to not just provide you with the finest healing laser device on the market; but the most comprehensive support provided in the therapy laser industry.  Dr. Damian Griswold has gone to great lengths to ensure that every client is fully competent with how to use the ShedLight Laser by Avant.  If you want this first class training and support, which we term "The ShedLight Difference", be sure to purchase your laser device through ShedLight and not through other retailers. If you purchase from a retailer besides ShedLight we will not be able to provide your training or support; even if you purchase through Avant. Please be aware that there are other cold laser websites that sell several different types of laser products. We are drastically different - we are real doctors in the trenches with real-world experience with a wide variety of issues. We do not simply provide you with a basic "manual" of cookbook protocols that may or may not work - we at ShedLight are here for you and your needs.

ShedLight is a team of doctors whose focus is on your needs.  Together we will train you and your staff and maintain an open relationship with you for continued development and mastery of the ShedLight laser.  We never want to simply sell you a product, but rather we want to make sure that you are capable to use our products to their fullest potential.  Our focus and knowledge base is wide.  We have helped all types of clinics around the world.  Some of the most common types of offices that utilize our laser and methods include, but are not limited to: 


Physical Therapy









And others


Our proprietary frequency settings have been developed by both research and clinical experience.  Our founders have been using laser therapy for 20 years combined and have a wealth of knowledge to share.  


No other laser on the market is this compact yet powerful.  The versatility of our product supersedes that of every other laser device on the market.   


Our device is FDA approved and third party tested to ensure and maintain technical integrity.


Our mission is to simply change the world and save lives. 

ShedLight was established in 2018 after almost a year of research and work to find the best laser on the market.